Fingask Castle
Fingask Castle
Fingask Castle

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Highlights from the 2018 Fingask Follies

Music Director: Carol Arnopp

Cast: Alexandra J. Burns, Matthew Hobbs, Charlie-Jade Jones, Luke Lane and Muirgen O’Mahony,

Directors: Lofty Buchanan and Helen Molchanoff

Music Supervisor: Ed Bussey

We took the show to Craigdarroch, Dumfriesshire, Dundas Castle, Edinburgh, Kelburn Castle, Ayrshire, Stevenson House, East Lothian. And in England to Anne of Cleves Barn, Essex, Broughton Castle, Oxfordshire, Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, Chillington Hall, Staffordshire, Stowe School Buckinghamshire. And London: L’Escargot, Soho and the Travellers’ Club

And Paris – the Ballroom of the British Embassy

Written on: 04 November 2018