Fingask Castle
Fingask Castle

Follies Tour goes to Geneva

In Geneva for the first time

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One of Scotland’s musical institutions: touring all over Britain and abroad. The Follies are a full evening's entertainment, on an original theme each year, drinks before Act 1, 35 mins of live and original singing (no microphones), then a break, then Act 2, 50 more minutes of song and pleasure followed by coffee and pudding wine.

Hurrah for the Follies: you add to the sum of human happiness - Alexander McCall Smith

Fingask Follies cast with Fingask horse drawn carriage

For 25 years the Fingask Follies have entertained thousands with their politically, and socially incorrect, entertainments. Not elite, or elitist, just live entertainment not approved of by professors or grant givers (sadly!). The idea that any food that granny liked is good food, might also be true of entertainment. Granny would have liked the Follies. ‘You will leave the Follies humming an old tune, and thinking a new thought’. This is a musical entertainment with 5 professional singers and a pianist. Most of the music is tuneful, we hope the words are audible, entertaining, and sometimes intriguing, We borrow hugely from 20th and 21st c musicals, while a decent proportion of our material is original, commissioned or volunteered by professionals or enthusiasts.

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The mantra of the organisers is ’All entertainment lasts too long’. We hope guests leave the Follies thinking’ We would have like a little more of that’.

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Written on: 01 May 2024